David Jones - The Friendly Marketer

If you are new to making money from home, using the Internet, then you have come to the right place. 

David Jones - The Friendly Marketer

If you’re not new to making money from home, but could still use some guidance & improve your skill set, then look no further.

David Jones - The Friendly Marketer

Whether newbie or otherwise, we can all still use someone to guide us through our online journey, until we can master things ourselves. 

David Jones - The Friendly Marketer

If you fail to plan, then you are certainly planning to fail. Let me help you today…

David Jones - The Friendly Marketer

A Journey of A thousand miles begins with the first step. Take that first step today…

David Jones - The Friendly Marketer

Be your own boss & live life on your terms. Let’s make that happen for you.



I have been involved with Internet Marketing for a few years now.
It has been quite a journey and one that has its fair share of ups and downs.
This is why I offer the services I do.

My goal is to take you by the hand and if it turns out that this is the right fit for you, then  I prepare you for the journey ahead. 


Another of the services I offer is to help persons build and boost their brand through Video.
Many have never done a video before far less know what to do or how  to get started.

There are many different tools and software, but the biggest challenge is for persons to step outside their comfort zones. I can help you there as well.



One of the fastest growing in the financial markets arena right now is Digital Currency or Crypto Currency as it is also known.
Indeed, since the world is headed in this way, shouldn’t you be up to speed on what Crypto Currency is all about and how you can benefit from it.
Stick around as I share with you one of the most unknown yet valuable digital currencies today. 



Having come into this industry keen on being determined to succeed, I immediately set out to learn as much as I could including all the so called tricks of the trade.

I quickly found out that not all is as it appears and what I believed. If myself or anyone was to get through this maze called Internet Marketing, then coaching would certainly be a necessity.

Someone who took the time to educate themselves on what it requires to not only get the job done, but can teach others how to get it done and done right. This is what I do.


I would like to think of myself as hard working, driven, and very meticulous.

I am not satisfied with any project I am involved in unless it is done to the very best of my ability and even then, I am sometimes not satisfied.

What this means for those who choose to work with me is that I will give you top notch professional service and will not be satisfied until I can deliver.

When I put my mind to do something, I usually find a way to get it done and then I can sit back and feel proud of my achievements.


If I tell you I’m going to do something, you can pretty much be sure that I will unless something drastically came up and even then I still give 110%.

It’s hard to find reliable people these days who are willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best experience they can for their client.

I tend to think of myself as that guy. Sometimes I’m told that I put myself out too much, but customer satisfaction.

I’ll do what it takes to get the job done and then some. Reliable, of course!

Programs I currently Utilize & Recommend

Every visionary or anyone who decides to forge his or her own future must have the right tools to do so. Below are some that  I utilise.


I have only known David for a short time, but he’s been a really good friend and business associate to me.

He’s very knowledgeable in things pertaining to the marketing world and is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone both to learn and try new things.

He’s adventurous and a real go getter when it comes to getting the job done. He’s very patient and very good in mentoring you to success. I think I’m very fortunate to have met David and I really enjoy working with him.

Karri Vialpando

Online Marketer, The Billion Coin

Value and trust is so key in networking in business. David Jones went so far above and beyond what I expected and was so helpful and genuine to me, it helped me navigate so many decisions because he looked out for what was best for me and in my best interest.

Now I’m making money in a program that I love and it’s ” for me”. Because he took the time to help me when it didnt really benefit him. Thats why I trust him. I’m a sceptic by nature but David was a such an inspiration to me, I just have to say “Thank You”

Terry Brown

Crypto Currency Enthusiast

David  is very professional and wants to make sure communication is key to your success. We both have in common honest and truthful people to work with in the industry that stay true to their word.

You’re going to see nothing but value, tips and tricks to help you be successful with high ticket and or other programs.

Working with like minded individuals is key in this industry and it is smart to partner with David Jones.

Alecia Stringer

Internet Marketer , aleciastringer.com

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It’s really simple folks. I’d like to build a relationship with you while offering you the knowledge & insights I have developed while creating an income for myself online. I believe this to be everyone’s dream for the most part in which you can create the sort of lifestyle where you are in control of your destiny & can pretty much decide for yourself when you come and go rather than some corporate manager decide for you. Am I right? Then Click the button to subscribe and let’s get acquainted!