Today I am going to share with you 5 essential tools that every new online marketer should possess. While this may vary for individuals according to how they were educated, these tools  I have found to be the most common. So get settled as we explore the topic 5 essential tools that every new online marketer should possess.

5 Essential Tools That Every New Online Marketer Should Possess


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Every new online marketer should at least have covered the basics. He or she should know why they have chosen to be come an entrepreneur. They should also know the mindset that is necessary to make it in the chosen field of interest.

Many today are seeking to escape poverty and the rat race as we call it and so are looking to create incomes for themselves while working from home. It is my desire to equip you the reader with the tools necessary to get you off to a relatively good start.

There are 5 essential tools that every new online marketer should possess and unless he or she does have them in their possession or are prepared to do all within reason to get them if not already accounted for, then failure is most imminent.

TOOL #1- The Mind

While it may not be considered a tool outright, but rather a state of mind or condition that all going into business should have, a positive mindset will take the new entrepreneur very far indeed. In fact not having the proper mindset will break your business well before it even gets off the ground.

For the first tool, I would like to consider the Mind. Only as the mind is fed the right diet, can you expect it to produce great results for your new venture. So having a healthy mind is paramount to one’s success for it is in the mind that ideas are conceived and strategies envisioned.

In order for the mind to function properly, adequate rest is necessary, but even more than that, a nutritional diet is an absolute must as are the books one will read to develop the mindset necessary for success.



Such books as The Cash Flow Quadrant, Think and Grow Rich, Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind, Rich Dad, Poor Dad to name a few are gems that many extremely successful marketers possess and still read to this day.

Links have been provided for those desirous of acquiring the mentioned books. Just click on the desired book.

TOOL #2 – The Blog

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I should remind readers at this point that the topic being considered is 5 essential tools that every new online marketer should possess. While there are many tools one could start their online business with, I am focusing on what I consider to be essential as borne out in my personal experience.

The question has long been debated which came first, the chicken or the egg? I won’t solve the debate here, neither will I list the tools in any specific order as all are needed. What I shall do is list first the individual tools then give you what I consider to be the creme de la creme at the conclusion.

So for tool #2, the new marketer needs a website/blog. The blog serves basically 2 purposes. One it is the central hub or storage facility of all content going out to the internet as a way of giving value and hopefully bringing all interested traffic back to it’s base.

The blog serves to brand the newly established marketer provided he or she has set it up properly, and should seek to establish knowledge in the given field and authority. There are other uses for the blog as well, one being the building of an email list. This brings me to Tool #3.

TOOL #3 – Lead Magnet

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If you are going to build an email list, that means that you are going to be securing an army of interested persons eager to get their hands on whatever it may be that you are offering. This is where Tool #3 comes into play. The Lead Magnet. Now here is where it gets a little tricky I must admit.

The Lead Magnet as one of the 5 essential tools that every new online marketer should possess is only one third of the equation for this section of the plan to work. Along with the lead magnet, must follow the packaging that makes the lead magnet appealing.

This is followed by the auto-responder where the newly captured leads are housed, before being divided and berthed in the CRM (Customer Relations Manager).

The Customer Relationship Management tool is one of the 5 tools, but until I get to expound on that more fully, see it in action here:- CRM

So for Tool #3, we have the Lead Magnet intertwined with the packaging or Funnel as it is often called. The Funnel as it is so  aptly called, is just the path or process a prospect follows being engaged in taking instructions so as to arrive at the desired destination for which he has opted in.


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It is during the funnel process, that the lead magnet is more fully revealed as a type of reward to the prospect for having shared his contact information to be given in exchange what the Lead Magnet has promised.

TOOL #4 – Auto Responder

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The auto responder as it’s name implies, is an automated tool that follows up with your prospects through a campaign or series of emails designed to elaborate further on the product or service being offered, with a view to procuring a sale.

There are several auto responder companies and one which I shall highlight for you in a minute is at the forefront in not only providing great service for marketers, but also allows users to get a full 30 day test drive with access to all features. See Video below:-


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From the diagram above , you can see that the CRM is a very important piece of software and if you are going to have an efficient smooth running operation, then you need a CRM as  one of those 5 essential tools that every new online marketer should possess.

The CRM’s purpose is defined is as follows: 

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Followed by the Definition of The CRM 

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To recap, the 5 essential tools every new online marketer should possess are :- 

  1. A Healthy, Focused & Positive Purpose Driven Mind
  2. Blog/Website
  3. Lead Magnet / Funnel
  4. Auto Responder
  5. CRM- Customer Relations Manager

If you only have these 5 essential tools that every new online marketer should possess to start with, you have a better chance than most who think all you need is a computer, the internet and the will to succeed. You do need those as well , but it’s not the all in all.

The other tools also offer the marketer a sense of professionalism which adds to the successful building of his or her brand.

I want to leave you with an opportunity of what I call having all your eggs in one basket. The above tools acquired separately could run you into several hundred dollars, But what I would like is to give you access to a system containing the 5 essential tools among various others. Take a look:-

  • Attraction Marketing
  • Target Market & Branding
  • Vision, Meditation and Mindset
  • Lead Magnets
  • List Management and Customer Development
  • CRM – Customer Relations Manager
  • DMO- Daily Method of Operation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing & Facebook Live
  • Facebook Paid Ads
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Copywriting
  • Funnelizer
  • Automated Webinars
  • Free Weekly Training Webinars

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