We are seeing in the news the daily buzz surrounding crypto currency whether it’s Bitcoin, Dash or even Ethereum. One thing is for sure and that is, if we don’t get on the crypto currency train soon,we are going to lose out big time. In this short post I am going to share with you, 3 best reasons to invest in the billion coin today.

In the video you shall view now, I share what the billion coin is all about as well as why one should invest in TBC Coin. Afterwards we shall then get into the 3 best reasons to invest in the billion coin today.  

3 Best Reasons To Invest In The Billion Coin Today 

Since the last economic crash, people have to looking for a currency they could call their own with no government control over it. Bitcoin was the answer to that cry. Created by someone as mysterious as the coin itself , many more crypto currencies found their way to the arena.

Crypto currency has slowly risen in popularity with many merchants worldwide accepting Bitcoin for payment. There are over 750 different crypto currencies with Bitcoin leading the pack as the one having the greatest value.

That was until TBC also known as The Billion Coin came to town. TBC Coin has taken over the crypto currency platform by storm having only been launched by its creator Kris Kringle in March of 2016.

3 Best Reasons to Invest In The Billion Coin Today: The Coin

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The TBC digital currency today boasts a value of US$7162.00 per coin as at the writing of this post and it continues to climb daily between the rate of 1% – 5%. It has surpassed Bitcoin’s value and continues to climb. The coin’s value can only go up, and this is the number one reason to invest in TBC coin

It is no wonder that many are taking advantage of this new coin to get their hands on as much of it as possible. When TBC Coin came out on March 21st,2016 it was worth 1/10 of a penny with 100,000 coins costing 100 Euros.

Significantly enough TBC Coin began its rise to certain popularity about 4 to 5 months after its release, rising in value only towards the latter half of the year 2016, with admin having some interesting rules in maintaining the coin’s success if followed to the letter.

3 Best Reasons to Invest In The Billion Coin Today: Growth

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The TBC coin carries a set of rules including an undertaking by members of the TBC community to never let the value of the coin GO DOWN. TBC was created with the view to eradicating poverty around the globe.

This mission to keep the TBC currency of high value, thus creating abundance is favored by all, as it prevents members from selling the coin at below the current value just to make a quick return. This value is arrived at by the coin being tied to the growth of the TBC community. So as the community grows, the coin’s value grows with it. So the integrity of the coin is protected.

Should the practice of discounting be allowed, the value of the coin would eventually fall and thus render the coin cheap and of little significance. Penalties for persons caught discounting will see them having their wallets closed for 6 months. Departure from this rule or membership agreement as it is called is not and will not be tolerated. Read the TBC Blog article on shutting down the Discounters.

Members of the TBC community therefore have no fear when it comes to investing in TBC as it will continue to grow and reach it’s ultimate value of one billion euros per coin. This is the second biggest reason to invest in TBC today. The coin is solid, growing in value and measures have been put in place to ensure its success and longevity. 

3 Best Reasons to Invest In The Billion Coin Today: Zero Market Manipulation

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Closing the gap on Bitcoin and even now having surpassed it as I write this article is TBC, The billion coin. TBC came into being on March 21st,2016 and has taken the world by storm.

It is a digital currency much like Bitcoin, but the current market’s activity does not affect or have any bearing on TBC’S performance as a currency, meaning that whatever the market conditions, TBC will continue to rise in value .

In other words, Bitcoin will go up and down according to the markets and in this way and for that reason, TBC comes out on top. TBC’s price, rises daily at a rate of between 1% to 5%. Currently it’s daily growth rate is a whopping 4%.

TBC is not affected by market conditions as is Bitcoin and so users in the community can control basically how well it does and its power. When digital currencies are placed on public exchanges, they are at the mercy of masses and those who now control the wealth in the world.

Practices that would lead to instability or volatility in the market can be employed so as to have a negative effect on a currency’s well being. Bitcoin is holding its own for now, but it is market manipulated. TBC on the other hand is fully decentralized and does not dance to the market’s tune.  

Zeroing in on The 3 Best Reasons for TBC Investment.

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So let’s go over why investing in The Billion Coin is the best move you can make today as I recap the 3 best reasons for investing in The Billion Coin Today. 

Reason #1

The Billion Coin is an Abundance currency. It is regulated by a membership agreement which is strictly adhered to, and as a consequence, this helps to keep the value of the coin growing and the integrity of the program as something to model after. So your primary reason to invest in TBC is that with the membership agreement, your coin’s value is protected and will only grow in value. Current value per coin is US$7162.00 and climbing daily.

Reason #2

The Billion Coin is a sovereign currency. Unlike Bitcoin, TBC does not exist on market exchanges and so its value is not impacted by what happens on the stock exchange. We do not need exchanges. It is a growth abundance currency which just means that as the community it represents grows, so too does TBC grow in stability and abundance. The TBC Formula.

The value of the coin is tied to the verified membership of the community. So when the community reaches one billion members, so too will TBC’s value be one billion euros per coin.

Reason #3

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The Billion Coin is the people’s currency. It is peer to peer. This means that governments in the guise of central banks cannot touch it or any digital currency for that matter. TBC was designed to rid the world of poverty and commits to doing so by the year 2018.

So far with its rapid growth in membership, and it’s rules of engagement being dutifully kept in place, the coin appreciates at a daily rate currently at or about 3%.

What helps to keep the momentum of growth is the members working together to remain loyal and true to the rules within the TBC community, and the coin is now being traded among members for goods and services.

Whatever money you elect to invest in the coin, having done so, your investment will only ever go up in value. This is abundance. Some people however because of a get rich quick mentality have been stressing over ways to sell off their coin and so I share 3 ways below you can do this.

  1. Selling to new members joining the community.
  2. Exchanging coin for goods and services.
  3. Exchanging the coin for Bitcoin.

As time goes on I am sure that there will be other ways that one can exchange TBC for cash easily. I must however stress that since TBC is designed to eradicate poverty, that you ought to concentrate more on building your acquisition of coins rather than getting rid of them.

To this end, the admin has released its first anniversary message which spells great news for community members as a series of roll-outs are set to occur very soon, but all within this year. It should be noted that as far as possible, seek to get your TBC compliment up to at least one full coin.

In the video below, we shall see why TBC is the best way to go. There is nothing else like it on the planet. You will learn how important it is to hold on to your TBC coin and finally, just how many TBC coins will it require to lift you out of poverty.

Watch the video below and afterwards determine in your heart that you will do your utmost best to get involved with TBC today. You owe it to your self and to your family to allow TBC to help you build the future you desire and live a life of abundance once and for all.

The Billion Coin & Your future. 1st Anniversary Message From Admin.


If nothing else convinces you that TBC is indeed the place to be, then i don’t know what will. I have shared some information with you and on why persons should invest in TBC today. Will you be one of those who waits too late and forever miss your opportunity to be a billionaire by way of TBC investment?

To get started in TBC today, visit us Here. After you have registered your account, then go on to set up your TBC wallet Here. Use the same email address for both your TBC account and your wallet, but of course different passwords.

You can then contact me @ thefriendlymarketer@gmail.com to buy your TBC coins. Thank you and I do hope this article has cleared up and improved your knowledge of the great future you can have with TBC – The Billion Coin.