The Billion Coin just got better with its Kringle launch. Determined to reach one million members by June 30th,2017, the admin launched a special promotion giving new persons an incentive to join TBC by giving away 100,000 Kringles free. This free gift which equates to approximately US$8.00 to US$10.00 will grow to a value of US$100.00 by June 30th. No doubt the billion coin just got better with its Kringle launch.  

The Billion Coin Just Got Better With Its Kringle Launch

So What Are Kringles?

Kringles are the smallest form of the billion coin. Just as pennies or nickels make up a dollar, so kringles make up a billion coin. One hundred million kringles to be precise makes up a full billion coin.

The admin as part of a drive to increase awareness of the coin and also to bolster membership offered as a way of incentive, 100,000 kringles to any new person coming into the billion coin membership.

While this gift may be considered small by some, what makes it significant is the fact that the value of this gift will grow astronomically by June 30th of this year.

At that time the US$8 – US$10 dollar gift would have risen to a value of US$100 and will continue climbing after that date.

The billion coin just got better with its kringle launch and the time to jump in if you have not already done so is now. As at the writing of this post, one full TBC coin is valued at approximately US $11,719.00

Kringle Launch Indepth BackOffice Details

kringle cash pic

With the kringle launch fully underway, some persons do not quite understand what they are now supposed to do. I will show you in the video below as I log into my back office and walk you through the whole process.

Please follow carefully and you will then be able to take full advantage of what the billion coin admin is seeking to do with this launch as we race towards our goal of one billion members. 

Final Thoughts About What You Learnt Here Today

If you leave here remembering only one thing, let it be this fact. The billion coin is here to stay. This is the answer that many worldwide have been seeking as a direct solution to the problem of poverty.

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You can decide to come on board with as little as US$5.00 or even $1.00 and watch your money grow each day, each month thereafter. 

One other plus I forgot to mention with the Kringle launch is that when you share the gift with others and those you share it with then share with others, then you earn commissions. This is admin’s way of rewarding you for sharing the program. This is further explained in the back office by Santa.

Indeed the billion coin just got better with its kringle cash launch. See you at the top.